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What To Do If A Doctor Commits Malpractice

  • By Marc S. Berman
what to do if a doctor

What to do if a doctor makes a mistake and you suffer harm as a result? Knowing what to do if a doctor commits malpractice may make the difference in whether or not you can obtain compensation later. Here are five key steps to take right away after a medical error: WHAT TO DO IF Read More

MRSA Infection – Medical Malpractice?

  • By Marc S. Berman

MRSA stands for “Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus.” It is a bacterium. It causes devastating infections in people. Hospital patients are particularly prone to contracting it. The main problem with MRSA is that it is resistant to common antibiotics. Those medicines do not kill it. Therefore, it is known as a “superbug.” If a victim is lucky, MRSA Read More

What is Medical Malpractice? – FAQ

  • By Marc S. Berman
what is medical malpractice

What is Medical Malpractice? I am often asked that question by potential clients. Rather than just reciting the legal theory, here are some FAQ that explain, in practical terms, exactly what is medical malpractice: Q. I had a bad result from a medical procedure. Exactly what is medical malpractice? Can I sue my doctor? A. Possibly. But Read More

Wayne Medical Malpractice Lawyer Case (Cont.)

  • By Marc S. Berman
Wayne medical malpractice lawyer

Wayne Medical Malpractice Lawyer Case – Botched Epidural? Continued from my last post about a Wayne medical malpractice lawyer case. Diane, 43, claimed that a botched epidural pain-relief injection caused her numerous nerve problems. Accordingly, Diane hired a medical malpractice lawyer to sue the doctor. In a case like Diane’s, what must a jury determine in order to Read More

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Wayne Case

  • By Marc S. Berman

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Wayne Case Shows Risks of Surgery Here’s a summary of a recent Medical Malpractice Lawyer Wayne Case. Diane, 43, experienced pain and stiffness in her neck. She also felt tingling in her fingers. Her family doctor first prescribed physical therapy. The therapy failed to produce any long-lasting relief. Consequently, Diane’s doctor referred her Read More

Paterson Medical Malpractice Attorney Issue

  • By Marc S. Berman
Paterson medical malpractice attorney

PATERSON MEDICAL MALPRACTICE ATTORNEY PROBLEM: THE MERCURIAL EXPERT A Paterson medical malpractice attorney helps people injured by medical negligence. To recover compensation for his client, a Paterson medical malpractice lawyer generally must retain an expert witness. Under New Jersey law, a jury generally can’t award compensation to a medical malpractice victim just because the jurors believe Read More

New Jersey Medical Malpractice Lawyers’ Case

  • By Marc S. Berman
New Jersey Medical Malpractice Lawyers

NEW JERSEY MEDICAL MALPRACTICE LAWYERS’ CASE: DUELING DOCTORS New Jersey medical malpractice lawyers represent victims of medical negligence. Therefore, typically, New Jersey medical malpractice lawyers seek to hold medical professionals responsible for injuries to patients. These medical professionals include doctors, nurses, and dentists. However, in order to win a medical malpractice case, it is not Read More

Medical Attorney Malpractice Case

  • By Marc S. Berman
Medical Attorney Malpractice

Medical Attorney Malpractice Case: Time Matters Medical attorney malpractice cases arise when a doctor makes a mistake that harms a patient. Most doctors perform admirably. However, sometimes a doctor will make an error. He or she will not comply with the prescribed medical standard of care. If that lapse harms a patient, the patient is entitled Read More

Malpractice Attorneys ’ Case: Experts

  • By Marc S. Berman
malpractice attorneys

Malpractice attorneys represent victims of medical malpractice. In order for a medical malpractice victim to recover compensation, it is not enough that a reasonable person would find that the doctor in question erred. Rather, with rare exceptions, another doctor must testify that the doctor deviated from the appropriate standard of care. The testifying doctor is Read More

Medical Error Case

  • By Marc S. Berman

Here’s a summary of an important medical error case. Dr. Hyeun Park was Seoung Ouk Cho’s cardiologist. On April 23, 2009, Dr. Park examined Cho. Cho complained of chest pain and had an abnormal EKG.  Dr. Park admitted Cho to Trinitas Regional Medical Center.  John H. Shao, M.D. performed a heart catheterization and an angioplasty Read More