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Wayne Medical Malpractice Lawyer Case (Cont.)

  • By Marc S. Berman
Wayne medical malpractice lawyer

Wayne Medical Malpractice Lawyer Case – Botched Epidural? Continued from my last post about a Wayne medical malpractice lawyer case. Diane, 43, claimed that a botched epidural pain-relief injection caused her numerous nerve problems. Accordingly, Diane hired a medical malpractice lawyer to sue the doctor. In a case like Diane’s, what must a jury determine in order to Read More

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Wayne Case

  • By Marc S. Berman

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Wayne Case Shows Risks of Surgery Here’s a summary of a recent Medical Malpractice Lawyer Wayne Case. Diane, 43, experienced pain and stiffness in her neck. She also felt tingling in her fingers. Her family doctor first prescribed physical therapy. The therapy failed to produce any long-lasting relief. Consequently, Diane’s doctor referred her Read More

Personal Injury Victims Are Being Watched

  • By Marc S. Berman
personal injury lawyer Hawthorne

Insurers May Film Activity of Clients of a Personal Injury Lawyer You live in Bergen County. Say in Ridgewood. One day, you are driving your car or motorcycle. You are stopped at a light. Out of nowhere, a careless driver plows into you from behind. Your vehicle is damaged. Worst of all, you suffer physical Read More

Paterson Medical Malpractice Attorney Issue

  • By Marc S. Berman
Paterson medical malpractice attorney

PATERSON MEDICAL MALPRACTICE ATTORNEY PROBLEM: THE MERCURIAL EXPERT A Paterson medical malpractice attorney helps people injured by medical negligence. To recover compensation for his client, a Paterson medical malpractice lawyer generally must retain an expert witness. Under New Jersey law, a jury generally can’t award compensation to a medical malpractice victim just because the jurors believe Read More

Child Abuse Lawyer Sues School

  • By Marc S. Berman
child abuse lawyer

CHILD ABUSE LAWYER FILES SUIT OVER SCHOOL’S FAILURE TO REPORT TEACHER A New Jersey child abuse lawyer recently sued a New Jersey public school. The client of the child abuse lawyer allegedly suffered molestation at the hands of a teacher. The alleged molestation occurred at a New Jersey private school. However, before working at the Read More

Car Accident Issue – Who Pays for Medical Bills?

  • By Marc S. Berman
car accident lawyer Elmwood Park

AFTER AN ON THE JOB CAR ACCIDENT, WHO COVERS YOUR MEDICAL BILLS? You had a car accident while on the job. Say you live and work in Elmwood Park. You’ve done the right thing and hired a local car accident lawyer. Because the accident occurred while you were working, the lawyer will file a worker’s Read More

Bergen County Accident Lawyer Case

  • By Marc S. Berman
Bergen County Accident Lawyer

BERGEN COUNTY ACCIDENT LAWYER CASE: WAIVING YOUR RIGHT TO SUE A Bergen County accident lawyer often represents a client who suffered a work injury. Sometimes, the attorney can file a law suit against more than one party. For example, say a defective machine injured the client. The Bergen County accident lawyer will file a worker’s Read More

Drug Injury Lawyer Case: Reglan Side Effect

  • By Marc S. Berman
drug injury lawyer

DRUG INJURY LAWYER CASE EXPLORES WHETHER U.S. LAW OVERRULES N.J. LAW Here’s a digest of a recent drug injury lawyer case. In 2004, the manufacturer of Reglan received approval from the FDA to publish new label warnings about the dangers of the long-term use of the drug. (“FDA” stands for the Food and Drug Administration, Read More

Fair Lawn Personal Injury Lawyer

  • By Marc S. Berman
Fair Lawn Personal Injury Lawyer

FAIR LAWN PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER ADVICE: EMOTIONAL DISTRESS DAMAGES. A Fair Lawn Personal Injury Lawyer assists accident victims to recover compensation. If the victim suffers a PHYSICAL injury, compensation may include reimbursement for medical bills and lost wages. It further may include compensation for the pain and suffering of an injury. That includes emotional pain Read More

Paramus Accident Lawyer: Pole Accident

  • By Marc S. Berman
Paramus Accident Lawyer

PARAMUS ACCIDENT LAWYER CASE STUDY: DANGER ON THE JOB. A Paramus accident lawyer helps accident victims recover compensation. Some of these accidents occur while the victim is working. Worker’s compensation may not cover a self-employed worker. However, he may have a claim against the owner of the property where he was working. A newly decided Read More