Duty of Citizens to Act as Jurors – Part 5

Another charge from the standard New Jersey Jury Charges, which every judge gives to every jury in all civil cases:

Counsel’s Right to Peremptory Challenges

After I have asked you a number of questions which relate to your ability to hear and decide this case with an open mind and with complete impartiality, the attorneys who represent the parties in this lawsuit can exercise the right to excuse one or more of the jurors without giving any explanation or reason. If you are excused in that manner, please do not take it personally. No offense is intended. The law traditionally gives each attorney the right to have a limited number of jurors excused for no expressed reason.

Excusing the Balance of the Jury after Selection is Complete

[After the jury has been selected and sworn in by the court clerk, the balance of the jury panel is returned to the Jury Assembly Room with the following comments:]

The remainder of the jury panel may return to the Jury Assembly Room. Thank you for your service. Please remember my remarks earlier about the importance of jury service to the court system. Your presence here and your availability to serve as jurors are greatly appreciated.

Again, sincere thanks to all those who have served our state by serving as jurors.