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personal injury lawyer Ridgewood

CONDO ASSOCIATION RULES MAY HARM INJURED OWNERS You own a condominium. Let’s say it’s located in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Outside your condo, in the common area, there is a pine tree that you don’t like. You ask the condo association to remove it. Eventually, they do. However, they fail to remove the pine tree entirely. They Read More

Personal Injury Victims Are Being Watched

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personal injury lawyer Hawthorne

Insurers May Film Activity of Clients of a Personal Injury Lawyer You live in Bergen County. Say in Ridgewood. One day, you are driving your car or motorcycle. You are stopped at a light. Out of nowhere, a careless driver plows into you from behind. Your vehicle is damaged. Worst of all, you suffer physical Read More

Fair Lawn Personal Injury Lawyer

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Fair Lawn Personal Injury Lawyer

FAIR LAWN PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER ADVICE: EMOTIONAL DISTRESS DAMAGES. A Fair Lawn Personal Injury Lawyer assists accident victims to recover compensation. If the victim suffers a PHYSICAL injury, compensation may include reimbursement for medical bills and lost wages. It further may include compensation for the pain and suffering of an injury. That includes emotional pain Read More

Personal Injury Lawyer Bergen County Case

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personal injury lawyer Bergen County

PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER BERGEN COUNTY CASE LESSON: BUY GOOD INSURANCE A recent personal injury lawyer Bergen County case shows the need to buy car insurance wisely. Unfortunately, many people in New Jersey do not. This may prevent them from obtaining compensation after an accident. In the case, a woman named Kim suffered a car accident injury. Read More

Paterson Personal Injury Lawyer Case

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Paterson personal injury lawyer

PATERSON PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER CASE: FATAL FIRE An appeals court recently decided a  tragic Paterson personal injury lawyer case. Here is what happened. In 2010, a fire broke out at a Paterson home. The home was owned by a Ms.  Brown. Several tenants lived in the house.  The fire started in the basement.  Electrical panels Read More

Columbus Day Greetings

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Columbus Day

COLUMBUS DAY IS TODAY Closings on Columbus Day. Columbus Day in New Jersey is a state and federal holiday. The municipal. state and federal courts will thus be closed. Post offices will be closed. There will be no regular mail delivery. State and local government offices will be closed. State public schools have the option to close. Banks Read More


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can you sue the government

Can You Sue the Government for Injury? Often, But Not Always. Can you sue the government for an injury it caused? Suppose a government worker drives carelessly.  You are hurt as a result. Or imagine the city fails to properly maintain a city property.  As a result, you fall and are injured. Do you have Read More

Injury Law 101: Intentional Bad Acts.

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injury law

Injury Law Alert: Why a Victim Can Be Worse Off If Someone Else Injured Him On Purpose, Rather Than in an Accident. Here’s a summary of a recent injury law case. A high school student named Damon suffered a fractured jaw. Steven, a fellow member of the wrestling team, punched him. Steven did not intend the precise Read More

Fall Accident Case Against Charity.

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fall accident

Fall Accident Victim Sues Museum for Slip on Icy Steps Museum Claims Immunity from Suit Because It’s a Charity. Who Wins? A woman named Loredana suffered a fall accident on icy steps at Newark Museum. She injured her back. Loredana is an immigration attorney employed by La Casa de Don Pedro. La Casa is a Read More

Slip-Fall Case at Mosque

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Man Receives $135,000 Award  in  Slip-Fall Arbitration A slip-fall lawyer for a man named Ozcan filed a court complaint. Ozcan claimed that he fell and was injured on a staircase after using a restroom in a mosque. Ozcan alleged that a friend asked him to give her a ride to the mosque. The friend did not state Read More