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Is Permanent Injury Necessary for a Claim?

  • By Marc S. Berman
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You have an accident, suffer personal injury and hire a New Jersey lawyer. At the time you suffered the personal injury,  you worked for a company in Clifton that rents chairs to customers who need them to stage lectures, musical performances, etc. You were in the process of arranging the chairs at a customer’s premises Read More

Trial Lawyers Win $2,000,000 Verdict

  • By Marc S. Berman
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Here’s a summary of a recent court case where trial lawyers won a major verdict. Joseph was thirty-five years old.  He drove a 2002 Camry.  One day,  another car rear-ended Joseph’s car. The other driver’s name was Susan.  She drove a 2000 Oldsmobile. Joseph described the impact as “a sudden, boom. I get this tremendous hit Read More