5 Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

insurance claim

If you have a car accident, you generally need to file an insurance claim to receive compensation for personal injury or property damage.

In my last post, I discussed how you should not skimp on coverage when you buy car insurance. Otherwise, you may not even HAVE a valid insurance claim if you suffer harm in a motor vehicle accident.

insurance claim

Buying a good car insurance policy costs more than buying a cheap, no-frills, policy. But what good is saving money on insurance, if your policy won’t protect you when you actually need it?

Of course, if you suffered physical injury, you also will need an experienced personal injury attorney to file your insurance claim. But even the best personal injury lawyer may be unable to help you if you do not have adequate insurance coverage in the first place.


There ARE legitimate ways to save money on car insurance without risking your right to file a post-accident insurance claim. In this post, I will list just five of them.

1. Obey traffic laws at all times. If you get a moving violation ticket and are found guilty, or plead guilty, your premium will likely rise considerably.

2. Shop around when you buy car insurance. Different auto insurance companies actually charge different amounts for the same coverage. Before you buy, get price quotes from at least three different companies.

3. When you buy a car, consider its insurance rating. The same level of insurance coverage will price differently on different makes and models. Again, get price quotes in advance from at least three different insurers on how much they will charge you to insure whatever makes and models you are considering. You may be surprised at the difference. In general, in my experience, safer, less flashy cars are less expensive to insure.

4. If you can manage it, persuade your teenager not to get a driver’s license until they get a little older. A teenage driver can easily double your premium. (Good luck with this one.)

5. Insurers offer many discounts for various things. Examples include installation of anti-theft devices, infrequent vehicle usage, senior citizen status, etc.. Some insurers will also give you a discount if you also use them to insure your home. Ask the insurance companies that you are considering for a list of all discounts that they offer. And check if you are eligible for a discount on car insurance through work, an academic affiliation, or a club/association membership.


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