7 Ways to Find the Best Injury Lawyer

Find The Best Injury Lawyer

You were just hurt by someone’s negligence and want to find the best injury lawyer. But there are many attorneys out there. You live in New Jersey. You don’t know a lawyer personally, so you search the internet. How do you locate the best injury lawyer? Here are seven quick suggestions:

Find The Best Injury Lawyer


  1. Verify how long the attorney has been practicing law. Ideally, it should be at least 25 years.
  2. Does the attorney have a verified track record? For example, is he or she a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum? (Membership in this forum is limited to attorneys who have won awards in excess of $2,000,000.)
  3.  Has the lawyer had any disciplinary violations? You can check on the website of the New Jersey Judiciary here.
  4. Is the attorney a member of the New Jersey Association for Justice, a leading organization for those New Jersey lawyers who represent injury victims? Does he or she belong to the New Jersey State Bar Association? Is he or she a member of any county bar association?
  5.  Look at the lawyer’s educational background. What college did the attorney attend? Was he selected for Phi Beta kappa? What law school did she graduate from? Were the schools Ivy league or top ten?  Or did he or she graduate from a college that you’ve never heard of and a law school that wasn’t even accredited by the American Bar Association?
  6.  Look for client testimonials and any reviews. See what they say about the attorney.
  7.  Speak with the lawyer. He or she should offer you a free consultation. When you call, is he or she willing to speak with you personally, or does a receptionist transfer you to someone else? Does the attorney explain things to you in plain English, or does he or she use confusing legal jargon that you can’t understand? Does the lawyer advise you about any potential deadlines that may affect your case?  Will he or she spend enough time with you during the consultation to answer all of your questions?  Are you comfortable with the lawyer?


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