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Accident Attorneys know the value of good evidence. Whether at trial, or in negotiations with an insurance adjuster, the quality of evidence that a lawyer presents often makes or breaks his case.

In today’s post, I will discuss photographic evidence.

accident attorneys

Naturally, accident attorneys will go to great length to obtain favorable evidence. But what if the evidence no longer exists? Sometimes, the victim does not hire a lawyer for a while after the accident. In the interim, evidence can disappear.

For example, in car accident cases, it is important for someone to photograph the damage to the vehicles involved. And also the positions of the vehicles after the crash, any skid marks and any damage to guardrails or other structures. Ditto for any potholes or other road hazards involved in the crash.

In slip and fall cases, someone should take a picture of the hazard upon which the victim fell. Good practice in dog bite cases requires that someone photograph the bite wound while it is fresh.

However, if the victim fails to hire a lawyer promptly, the damage to the victim’s car will no longer be visible (after repair). Vehicles leave the scene, Skid marks fade. The government will eventually fix any damage to guardrails, sidewalks or other structures. Same goes for potholes.

And, of course, wounds heal.

There are two lessons that this topic teaches. First, you should hire an experienced lawyer as soon as possible after any accident that may have been the fault of someone else.

Take Accident Photos Yourself

Second, if possible, take photos of the evidence yourself. If that is not possible, have a friend or relative shoot the photos for you.

Check out my prior posts on car accidents, dog bites and slip and falls for more details on what you need to do right after an accident.

This ends this session of Accident Attorneys U. Feel free to call me if you ever have an accident and have any questions whatsoever about preserving evidence, or anything else.


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