A Bergen County mesothelioma lawyer usually has a client who worked with asbestos. Asbestos exposure causes mesothelioma, which is a type of cancer. It may take many years after the asbestos exposure for cancer to appear.

For such a victim, the Bergen County mesothelioma lawyer can sue, for example, the manufacturer of the asbestos product that the victim used at work.

But suppose a mesothelioma victim who never worked with asbestos contacts that Bergen County mesothelioma lawyer. Does such a victim have a case?

You may wonder how someone who never worked with asbestos could contract mesothelioma. The answer is simple. Many asbestos workers came home with clothing laden with asbestos. Then a family member did their laundry. Thus, in doing the laundry, the family member exposed herself to asbestos.

Bergen County Mesothelioma lawyer case

Typically, the family member washing the laundry was the wife of the worker. In 2006, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that the spouse of an asbestos worker who washed his work clothing could sue for compensation.

But suppose the household member who did the laundry was not the worker’s spouse. Should that make a difference?

In a recent case, the company being sued argued that it should. This case actually involved a different toxic substance, beryllium. However, the principle is the same.


Nonetheless, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that, in appropriate circumstances, a non-spouse household member could sue the company.

Based on the court’s ruling, it thus appears that the victim does not even have to be related to the asbestos worker. As long as the victim was a member of the household, they may have a right to sue.

I believe that the court reached the right result.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this case, or if you need a Bergen County mesothelioma lawyer.


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