Christmas Greetings


An Interesting Fact About Christmas

Christmas does not appear on the court calendar in New Jersey. True, courts are closed that day.  But all the court calendar says is Legal Holiday. Maybe that has something to do with political correctness.


Or maybe not. It turns out that, for nearly the first hundred years of our nation, December 25 was a workday. Abraham Lincoln once voted against making Christmas a state holiday. It was not until 1870 that the federal government made Christmas a national holiday. That occurred during President Grant’s administration.

Whatever the history, to those celebrating, Christmas can be a very spiritual holiday. Even in this age, when the holiday has been commercialized almost beyond recognition, many Christians still observe it in a traditional manner. I very much respect that.

On behalf of my office, I would like to wish all of our clients, friends, and readers who celebrate the holiday, a wonderful Christmas.

You can read more about Abraham Lincoln and Christmas here.


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