Fraud Cases

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You’ve been the victim of fraud, through no fault of your own.Maybe a business partner deceived you. Or a home contractor took your money and failed to properly complete the work. Perhaps you or your business purchased real estate, or a business, and the seller concealed an important defect from you. Or maybe you were the victim of consumer fraud.

However it happened, you were injured financially. Who will pay for your losses? You need someone to represent you. Someone with the experience and toughness to stand up to the other side’s lawyers. Someone to look out for you.

If you’re a fraud victim, you don’t have to go it alone. An experienced fraud attorney can help you stand up for your rights. With an experienced fraud lawyer at your side, you can receive every dollar that you deserve.

You should know that there is a time limit for taking legal action to pursue any claims that you may have. If you fail to take the proper action on time, you will never be able to recover anything for your injuries. The time limit can be as little as 90 days from the date of the wrongful conduct. In other cases, you may have more time. Either way, you need an experienced litigation lawyer to make sure that you don’t lose out on a technicality.

Marc S. Berman, Esq.  has been practicing law since 1986.  He is a former prosecutor with extensive jury trial experience.  Mr. Berman is also a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Membership is limited to attorneys who have won multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. (See above under “Affiliations” for more information). Mr. Berman has two Ivy League degrees, from Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Berman has deliberately kept his practice small. He works directly with each client. He was formerly employed in the litigation department one of New Jersey’s largest and most respected corporate law firms. He opened his own practice over 20 years ago. He wanted to be able to give each client personal service. No client of Mr. Berman is just a “number.” In our office, each client is treated like family.

The selection of a trial attorney in a fraud case is an important decision. Not all litigation lawyers have the same experience. If you’ve been injured by fraud, contact Mr. Berman at 888-316-8288 (Toll Free), for a consultation.