Hiring an Injury Law Attorney

Some accident victims wonder how hiring an injury law attorney will help them gain better compensation. Why shouldn’t injury victims represent themselves?  Here are three big reasons why an accident victim should hire an experienced injury law attorney:

1. An Insurance Company Will Eat Up an Unrepresented Victim

Almost always, high-powered insurance adjusters and lawyers will represent the person or business that injures the victim. These insurance lawyers and adjusters are good at what they do. They work on injury cases every day. Their job is to give accident victims little or no compensation. They are paid well for their efforts. They love to take advantage of accident victims who are not well-versed in personal injury law. The only way that a victim can level the playing field is by hiring an experienced injury lawyer. A victim who tries to represent himself or herself is like a “Little Red Riding Hood” who tries to negotiate herself with the wolf. The wolf will usually eat her. Hiring an Injury Law Attorney

2. An Injury Law Attorney Knows the Rules

It’s very easy for a victim to make a mistake. A mistake that might cost them their case. For example, a typical victim may not be aware of the deadlines to take legal action. If the victim misses a deadline, he or she likely will lose their right to ever receive compensation for their injuries. A very common deadline in many cases expires in as little as 90 days from the accident. Other cases have much longer deadlines. An experienced injury law attorney knows all the technicalities and deadlines. Such a lawyer will protect the victim’s interests.

3. It’s Hard to Tell How Much a Case Is Worth

Different injuries affect injury victims in different ways. Only an experienced insurance adjuster or injury law lawyer knows how much a victim’s case is really worth. The insurance company will typically try to settle a case for much less than it’s worth. But an injury lawyer will maximize the amount of compensation that the victim gets. After all, the personal injury lawyer’s fee is based on a percentage of how much the victim recovers. The more that the victim gets; the higher the lawyer’s fee will be. Thus, a victim who hires an injury law attorney will virtually always walk away with more money than a victim who foolishly tries to go it alone. The lawyer’s expertise pays for itself.

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