New Jersey Mesothelioma Lawyer

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Have you been exposed to toxic materials or do you have mesothelioma?

Mr. Berman is an experienced lawyer with an office in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. If you need a toxic tort or mesothelioma lawyer, please contact him.

Imagine this scenario: You have worked hard to provide for your family and worked with asbestos. It is possible, because of that work, you now have mesothelioma. With an experienced toxic exposure lawyer well-versed in mesothelioma cases at your side, you can receive every dollar in compensation that you deserve.

New Jersey Mesothelioma Lawyer

Or maybe you worked in the oil or maritime industries. You worked with benzene, and now have leukemia, myeloma or lymphoma. You need an experienced toxic exposure lawyer well-versed in benzene cases to get you compensation.
Perhaps you worked in construction, demolition, plumbing, or manufacturing. You worked with silica, resulting in silicosis or lung cancer. A lawyer well-versed in toxic exposure law can help.

You may also have serious cancer or other illness, caused by exposure to some other toxic substance, such as beryllium, carbon monoxide, creosote, lead, mercury, methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE), sodium dioxide, or sodium trioxide.

However it happened, you were injured badly and you are very sick. Who will pay for your medical expenses, pain, and suffering? You can be sure that the insurance company for the manufacturer has experienced lawyers and insurance adjusters on their side. Accordingly, you’ll need legal representation. A toxic exposure lawyer with the experience and toughness to stand up to the other side’s lawyers and look out for you.

Why You Need A Toxic Exposure Attorney

Mesothelioma Lawyer In New Jersey

If you or someone you know was the victim of toxic exposure, you don’t have to go it alone. You don’t have to let the insurance company pressure you into giving a statement that might hurt your case. As they say on TV, anything you say can be used against you later. The insurance company may also try and pressure you to settle your case for less than it’s worth. Thus, an experienced personal injury attorney who concentrates in toxic exposure cases can help you stand up to a large insurance company. With an experienced chemical exposure lawyer at your side, you can receive every dollar that you deserve.

You should know that there is a time limit for taking legal action to pursue any toxic exposure claims that you may have. Therefore, if you fail to take the proper action on time, you will never be able to recover anything for your toxic exposure injuries. Consequently, you need an experienced attorney to make sure that you don’t lose out on a technicality. If a loved one was the victim of toxic exposure, there still may be time to for you to act, even if your loved one is now deceased. But you need to contact an experienced toxic tort lawyer immediately, to file a wrongful death claim.

Similarly, there may be time limits to file a claim for insurance benefits to cover your medical expenses. Even if you don’t have an insurance policy yourself, it may be possible for you to obtain insurance benefits to pay for your medical bills. Thus, an experienced toxic exposure attorney can help.

Selecting The Right New Jersey Mesothelioma Lawyer

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The selection of a mesothelioma lawyer is an important decision. Not all lawyers who deal with toxic exposure cases have the same experience. If you have mesothelioma or other toxic-chemical-exposure-disease, contact Mr. Berman in New Jersey at 888-316-8288 (toll-free), for a FREE consultation. There is no attorney’s fee unless you recover money damages from your toxic exposure case.