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Supreme court


See the excerpt of a guest post below I recently wrote on political irony or you can read the whole thing here.

A Supreme Court Primer

America’s political divide now envelops the United States Supreme Court. For example, when the Court decides that the billionaire Koch brotherscan buy elections, its ruling is perceived as conservative. Democrats stop smoking weed long enough to get furious. MSNBC’s ratings even crack the top 300 for a day.

Supreme court

But when the Court, say, rules that required health insurance is just another name for tax, and therefore Obamacare is legal, its decision is viewed as liberal. Republicans smash their martini glasses with five-irons. On the radio, Rush spends an entire show mocking the judiciary. Interestingly, judge-bashing really sells the virility treatments advertised on Limbaugh’s program. Otherwise, that stuff only moves when Rush lambastes Hillary, which is the conventional way of arousing a dittohead.

Some of the Supreme Court ’s upcoming decisions will be controversial. Now’s a good time to remind ourselves that, in reality, judges are impartial. They decide cases solely based on the law. Their political views play no part in how they rule.

So what has caused Americans’ mistaken belief that Supreme Court decisions are political? It all comes down to vocabulary.

Unlike the decisions of Judge Milian on the People’s Court, high court rulings are written. And they are full of obscure legal verbiage.

Americans don’t understand judicial gobbledygook. Consequently, we don’t read Supreme Court decisions. Instead, we rely on experts to interpret the rulings for us. Because these experts have political agendas, they try to convince us that the Court takes sides in political controversies. In the trade, this is known as freaking the freaking lazy base out so they’ll freaking show up at the freaking polls.

Americans need to learn the truth about our judiciary.

Again, the rest of the post is here.


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