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Paterson Injury Attorney : Slip and Fall Case

  • By Marc S. Berman
Paterson Injury Attorney Case

PATERSON INJURY ATTORNEY: SLIP AND FALL CASE A Paterson injury attorney helps victims of slip and fall accidents recover compensation. If the accident occurs at a business, the victim must prove that the business acted negligently (carelessly). And that such carelessness caused the slip and fall incident. Otherwise, the victim will not be able to Read More

Injury Law 101: Intentional Bad Acts

  • By Marc S. Berman
injury law

Injury Law Alert Why a victim can be worse off if someone else injured him on purpose, rather than in an accident. Here’s a summary of a recent injury law case. A high school student named Damon suffered a fractured jaw. Steven, a fellow member of the wrestling team, punched him. Steven did not intend the precise Read More

Slip and Fall Attorneys’ Advice

  • By Marc S. Berman
slip and fall attorneys advice

Slip and fall attorneys often do not get involved in a case until long after an accident. Sometimes the victim does not even begin to look for slip and fall attorneys until a week or two, or more passes. But, by then, slip and fall attorneys may not be able to help the victim. Why Read More

Homeowner Liability To Injured Guest

  • By Marc S. Berman
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What Is The Extent Of Homeowner Liability To An Injured Guest? Today’s topic is homeowner liability. Say an injured woman sees an accident lawyer. She was a guest at a neighbor’s home. Then she tripped on a bulge in the carpet, breaking her ankle. Must the neighbor pay her compensation? Like many other situations in the law, the Read More

 Injury Attorney U. : Affidavits

  • By Marc S. Berman
Age Discrimination

Injury Attorney University: Affidavits How does an injury attorney bring a witness’ testimony before a court? Most people think of Perry Mason or some other television lawyer. The injury attorney calls the witness to the witness stand and examines him. The witness usually breaks down and confesses to whatever the lawyer is trying to prove. Read More

Injury Lawyer: “Careful What You Sign”

  • By Marc S. Berman
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Injury Lawyer Alert: Hidden Arbitration Clauses A potential client comes to see an injury lawyer. He was hurt through no fault of his own. He wants to go to court and recover compensation. Or, a woman was deceived by a home-improvement contractor and wants to sue the company that defrauded her. You would think that Read More