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What To Do If A Doctor Commits Malpractice

  • By Marc S. Berman
what to do if a doctor

What to do if a doctor makes a mistake and you suffer harm as a result? Knowing what to do if a doctor commits malpractice may make the difference in whether or not you can obtain compensation later. Here are five key steps to take right away after a medical error: WHAT TO DO IF Read More

Medical Attorney Sues Surgeon, Pt. 1

  • By Marc S. Berman
medical attorney rectocele repair surgery case

MEDICAL ATTORNEY SUES SURGEON A medical attorney sues a surgeon for failing to get informed consent from a patient for a vaginal operation that pierced the patient’s rectum by mistake. A summary of a  ruling in a case filed by a medical attorney: Anthony Quartell, M.D., performed rectocele repair surgery on a woman we’ll call Vivian. Read More