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  • Paterson Personal Injury Lawyer Case

    Paterson Personal Injury Lawyer Case

    PATERSON PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER CASE: FATAL FIRE An appeals court recently decided a tragic Paterson personal injury lawyer case. Here is what happened. In 2010, a fire broke out at a Paterson home. The home was owned by a Ms. Brown. Several tenants lived in the house. The fire started in the basement. Electrical panels were improperly…

  • Labor Day Greetings

    Labor Day Greetings

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    Labor Day for many is just the last chance to go to the beach during the summer. But it really is so much more than that. The holiday celebrates our nation’s workers. The workers who built this country. LABOR DAY HAS SEVERAL CONNECTIONS WITH NEW JERSEY Labor Day has several connections with the State of New Jersey. For…