The Case Of The Pilfered Purse

A gentleman named Davon was removed from a bus in Clinton because he allegedly was carrying a machete. He was incarcerated in the Hunterdon County jail for several weeks, awaiting trial.

Davon claimed that he could not afford a private lawyer. Attorney Hermenia Moreira of the Hunterdon County Public Defender’s office was assigned to represent him. She was able to arrange for a plea bargain that got him out of prison. Minutes later, Davon walked across the street to Ms. Moreira’s office, a free man.

While waiting in the hall to meet with his lawyer, Davon allegedly sneaked into an office and stole a purse belonging to a legal secretary. He then fled.

The local police were called and gave chase. They found Davon at, you guessed it, a bus stop. He allegedly still was carrying the stolen purse.

This incident, of course, ended Davon’s short-lived freedom. Before being sent back to the jail, he was charged with theft, receiving stolen property and criminal trespass.

I’m not going to take the obvious approach here and comment on Davon’s lack of gratitude. Rather, I will just say the following to those young men out there who aspire to a career in petty theft: To my eyes, a power tie makes a much, much better fashion statement on a man than a ladies pocketbook.