Work Accident Lawsuits – Whom Can You Sue?

One day, you have a work accident. You suffer severe injuries. Let’s say that you live in Clifton. You work for a company headquartered in Hackensack.

Now you will be out of work for many weeks. You will also have to see a doctor for treatment. Following treatment, you will need three months of physical therapy.

work accident

Because your injuries are from a work accident, you do the intelligent thing.  You see a worker’s compensation lawyer. Your workman’s compensation lawyer explains that generally you can only sue your employer for a work accident in worker’s compensation court. Unfortunately, the compensation that a worker’s compensation judge will award for a work injury is typically less than a New Jersey Superior Court jury might award for the same injury.

The worker’s compensation attorney explains that the compensation you CAN obtain from worker’s compensation at least includes medical benefits. It also includes disability benefits for lost wages and an award for any permanent disability.

But you point out that someone else was at fault for your work accident. The accident happened at a customer’s loading dock in Paterson. Your task that day was to unload a truck. Employees of the Paterson company gave you bad directions on how to use their loading ramp. As a result, you tripped and suffered your work injury.

Accordingly, the lawyer tells you that you also have a possible claim against the customer.  You can sue the customer in the New Jersey Superior Court. In that lawsuit, you can receive compensation for your pain and suffering. The amount of such compensation may dwarf the amount you will receive in worker’s compensation court.


The takeaway here is that, if you have a work accident, see an experienced work accident lawyer immediately. You may be entitled to more compensation than you think.

But, remember, there are deadlines to take legal action. Some deadlines may be as short as 90 days from the date of the work accident.

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