Justice Scalia Is A Harsh Colleague

Do you think that your co-workers are sometimes a little hard on you? Maybe sometimes they criticize something you say, or how you do something? That seems like the sort of thing that, say, a United States Supreme Court Justice wouldn’t have to deal with on a regular basis. That is, unless your colleague on the court is Justice Antonin Scalia. In one of his dissenting opinions last term, Scalia lambasted the majority opinion of his fellow justices, stating that it “makes no sense”, and declaring that it qualifies as “insanity.” On page three of his dissent, however, he brings out the big guns, going as far as calling his fellow judges “tutti-frutti.”

I know that the year’s not over, but I think that Justice Scalia may have won the 2011 award for the most childish insult by a grownup.

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