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If you have been hurt by someone’s negligence and suffered a personal injury you will need an experienced personal injury lawyer. Maybe a car hit you. Perhaps a dog bit you. Or maybe you contracted mesothelioma, had a slip and fall accident, or suffered from medical malpractice.

However it happened, you are in pain. Who will compensate you for your medical expenses, pain, and suffering?

Personal Injury Assistance

Why You Need Personal Injury Law Attorney

You can be sure that the insurance company for the other party has experienced lawyers and insurance adjusters. Therefore, you need a lawyer to represent you. One well-versed in personal injury law. An attorney with the experience and toughness to stand up to the other side’s lawyers. A personal injury lawyer to care for YOU.

If you’re an accident victim, you don’t have to go it alone. You don’t have to let the insurance company coerce you into giving a statement that might hurt your case. As they say on TV, anything that you say can be used against you later. The insurance company may also try and pressure you to settle your case for less than it’s worth. An experienced personal injury law attorney can help you stand up to a large insurance company. With an experienced lawyer at your side, you can receive FULL compensation.

You should know that there is a time limit for taking legal action to pursue any personal injury law claims that you have. If you fail to take the proper action in time, you won’t be able to recover anything for your injuries. The time limit can be as little as 90 days from the date of the accident. In other cases, you may have more time. Either way, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Similarly, there may be time limits for you to file a claim for insurance benefits to cover your medical expenses. Even if you don’t have an insurance policy yourself, it may be possible for you to obtain benefits to pay for your medical bills. Accordingly, an experienced personal injury attorney can help.

Finding A Personal Injury Lawyer

The selection of a personal injury law attorney is an important decision. Not all lawyers have the same experience. If you’ve been injured in the New Jersey area, call Mr. Berman toll free at 888-316-8288, extension 101, for a free consultation. There is no attorney’s fee unless you recover money damages.

About Personal Injury Lawyer Marc S. Berman

Mr. Berman is a personal injury lawyer and has deliberately kept his practice small. He works directly with each client to give them a more personal service and to help get the best results. Mr. Berman formerly worked for one of New Jersey’s largest law firms and opened his practice over 25 years ago and focuses specifically on personal injury cases. You can see more information about Marc S. Berman here.

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