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  • Newark Injury Lawyer Case Decision

    Newark Injury Lawyer Case Decision

    In this post, I will discuss the court ruling in a recent Newark injury lawyer case. On February 17, Ronald slipped and fell in the bathroom of his apartment. He suffered severe injuries. The Newark Housing Association (NHA) owned the apartment. Ronald hired a Newark injury lawyer. Because the government owned Ronald’s apartment, the law required…

  • Statute of Limitations Dangers

    Statute of Limitations Dangers

    The statute of limitations. That’s a term that strikes fear in many a personal injury attorney. And for good reason. A statute of limitations is a law that restricts the time during which a lawsuit can be brought. Let’s say you were stopped at a red light. You were then hit from behind. In no…

  • Tort Claims vs. Gov’t – Short Deadline

    Tort Claims vs. Gov’t – Short Deadline

    Tort Claims Against The Government For Personal Injury Tort claims against the government for personal injury can be tricky. The term tort is just a fancy word for a wrongful action. Let’s say you are struck and injured by a car in New Jersey. If it was a private car, you likely have two years…