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  • Free Consultation FAQ

    Free Consultation FAQ

    Most personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation. What exactly does a free consultation consist of? Here are some frequently asked questions about free consultations: Q. Is a free consultation really totally free? Are there no hidden costs? A. With a reputable attorney, free means free. The only cost you may have is the cost…

  • Black Friday Advice from a Lawyer

    Black Friday Advice from a Lawyer

    Ten Tips to Avoid Black Friday Problems, from an NJ Lawyer A guide to avoiding legal problems when holiday shopping, from a New Jersey lawyer: If anyone promises you anything about a product you are buying, get it in writing. An oral promise isn’t worth the paper it isn’t written on. If it sounds too good to…

  •  Happy Thanksgiving!

     Happy Thanksgiving!

    An Attorney Gives Thanks There are times when even a busy attorney should be focused on something other than his practice. Thanksgiving day is such a time. I am so grateful to live in the United States. For all our problems, we are still the greatest force for good in the world. On behalf of my office,…