Attorney Car Accident Advice: Injuries

attorney car accident

Here is some good attorney car accident advice about car accident injuries. Let’s say another driver crashes into your car while you are driving it. As a result, you suffer an injury. The accident was not your fault.

Let’s say further that you live in Bergen County, in Fair Lawn. (Or in Teaneck, Paramus, Ridgewood, Glen Rock or Garfield, etc., it doesn’t matter).  The driver who hit your vehicle lives in Passaic County, in Clifton. (Again, it could just as well be Clifton, Wayne or Hawthorne, etc.)

attorney car accident

You drive a Toyota Camry; the other driver drives a Chevrolet Equinox SUV. Both of you use your vehicles to get to work, and for family purposes. Additionally, both of you insure your vehicles with a New Jersey auto insurance policy.

So here’s the question. Can you recover compensation for your pain and suffering for ANY injury that you suffer? Or are there restrictions on the type of injuries you can recover for?


The short answer is that it usually depends on the coverage you selected when you purchased your car insurance.

Unfortunately, most people, in order to save a little money, toss away their rights and buy a policy with a “limitation on lawsuit” option. If you did this, then, in many cases, you will NOT be able to recover any compensation for your pain and suffering.

However, if the vehicle that hit you was a commercial vehicle, you still might be able to recover.  No matter what type of coverage you selected. Another exception might arise (in some cases, not all) if the vehicle that hit you was not registered in New Jersey.

Similarly, if you suffer certain types of very severe injuries, you may be able to recover compensation, despite choosing sub-par coverage.

Regardless of what coverage you chose, if you ever get hurt in a motor vehicle accident, the best thing you can do is to immediately pick up the phone and get some car accident advice from an experienced lawyer. There may be other exceptions that apply to your situation. An experienced accident attorney knows all the exceptions to any injury exclusions in your car insurance policy. Your lawyer’s expertise will give you the best chance to obtain full compensation.


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