Auto Attorney Tip: Bad U-turns

An auto attorney who represents a victim hurt in a car accident generally has no case unless someone else’s negligence caused the accident. In most litigation, that “someone else” will be the driver whose car hit the victim. Or hit the victim’s vehicle.

If the other driver was attempting certain driving maneuvers, it is more likely that he will be found at fault. One of those maneuvers is a “U-turn.”

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You may be surprised to learn that, under New Jersey law, making a U-turn is generally not against the law. However, in some circumstances, making a U-turn can be illegal.

For example, a U-turn shouldn’t be made on a curve. Making a U-turn is also illegal while a driver is even approaching a curve. Similarly, a driver can’t legally make a U-turn while nearing the top of a hill.

Basically, U-turns are illegal at any location where a driver’s view is obstructed in any way within 500 feet.

Obviously, a U-turn is also illegal in the presence of a “no U-turn” sign.

A vehicle that makes a U-turn will have to cross over the lane of oncoming traffic. Accordingly, the law requires that a driver making a U-turn must wait until the road is clear enough for him or her to safely make the turn. Even then, the driver must proceed with additional caution, beyond what is normally expected on the road.

If a driver fails to comply with the above requirements and thereby causes an accident, he or she will likely be found to have been negligent. Thus, he or she will be responsible for any physical injuries or car damage that the other driver suffers.

Auto Attorney Can Get a Victim Compensation

If you have been hurt in a car accident involving a U-turn, there are several things that you need to do right away to protect your rights. One of the first things you should do immediately is to contact an auto attorney who handles personal injury cases. An auto attorney with experience can obtain for you the compensation that the law says you deserve.


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