Best Accident Lawyer Traits – Top 3

best accident lawyer

You suffered a severe injury in an accident and need to find the best accident lawyer to represent you. The accident took place near your Bergen County, New Jersey home. Let’s say you live in Ridgewood. Let’s further assume that the person who caused the accident is from Passaic County, Say Clifton.

Maybe it was a car accident. Maybe it was a slip and fall on a wet floor at a store or restaurant. Perhaps your doctor botched your operation and committed medical malpractice. Or let’s say your neighbor’s dog bit you or a member of your family.

However the accident happened, you want compensation for your pain and suffering and loss of quality of life. You also want compensation for your medical bills not paid by insurance, and for your lost wages. Naturally, you don’t want to delay retaining an attorney. You realize that, if you delay, crucial evidence can disappear. How do you determine who is the best accident lawyer to pursue your claim today?

Fortunately, there are criteria by which you can determine who the best accident lawyer for you is. In this post, I will list three key traits to look for.

best accident lawyer


1. EXPERIENCE. This is the most important trait. Typically, the best accident lawyer has practiced law for at least 20 years. Moreover, he or she should also have extensive experience trying cases.

2. HONESTY. You don’t want a “Slick Willie” to be your lawyer. If a lawyer is dishonest, and willing to lie to, say, a judge, in order to win a case, he or she will be willing to lie to you too. You can verify on the internet that a lawyer has a clean ethics history.

3. COURTESY. Does the lawyer take your initial call personally? Or are you pushed off to a paralegal or staff member? Does the lawyer take the time in the first contact to answer all of your questions? If an attorney doesn’t give your case the attention it deserves in the first call when they are trying to get your patronage, you can be sure that they won’t be any better later. An attorney who does not give your case the attention that it deserves is not the best accident lawyer for you.

It’s impossible, of course, to list every conceivable trait of the best accident lawyer in a short blog post. But these traits are definitely three of the top things you should be looking for.


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