Dr. Oz’s Angry Neighbor

Mehmet Oz, the famous surgeon and host of the daytime television program “The Dr. Oz Show,” is having some trouble with one of his neighbors. Angelo Bisceglie, the doctor’s fellow resident of Cliffside Park, is peeved at Dr. Oz’s supposed affinity for disregarding town ordinances. Mr. Bisceglie is suing the doctor for planting 40-foot pine trees and for building a 2 story guest house. He claims that they violate bans against fences taller than 4 feet and against guest houses taller than one story. But before you applaud Mr. Bisceglie’s selfless civic concern that zoning ordinances are being negligently cast by the wayside, he also claims that, most importantly, the new structures block his vista of the Manhattan skyline. Too bad Dr. Oz doesn’t host “The View”.