Finding The Best Personal Injury Lawyer: 5 Tips

Best Personal Injury Lawyer

Are you searching for the best personal injury lawyer? While there are many factors to consider, here are five key things to look for:


Best Personal Injury Lawyer
  1. Track Record of Success. For example, is the lawyer a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum? (This organization consists exclusively of attorneys who have secured settlements or verdicts for their clients greater than two million dollars.)
  2. No Ethics Problems. I’m always astonished when someone thinks that they have found the best personal injury lawyer, yet they never checked whether the lawyer was ever convicted of a crime or suspended from the practice of law. Such information, after all, is generally available to the public on the internet. You should be wary of entrusting your case to lawyers whom themselves may not be trustworthy. Accordingly, never hesitate to ask an attorney about this.
  3. A Good Attitude. The best personal injury lawyer should be totally honest with you. Sometimes, that means telling you things that you might not want to hear. But the lawyer should never behave like he or she is doing you a big favor by speaking with you. For example, the lawyer should return your phone calls and email promptly. He or she should not talk down to you. The lawyer shouldn’t use arcane legal jargon without explaining what it means.
  4. Put It in Writing. Any significant promises the lawyer makes to you should be in writing. If you hire the lawyer, he or she should prepare a contract that you both sign, containing the terms of the representation.   If the lawyer refuses to put in writing any commitments or promises that he or she makes, run away, don’t walk.
  5. Many Years of Experience. The best personal injury lawyer probably did not graduate law school within the last ten years. Law school does not adequately prepare a lawyer for the practice of law. Only actual legal experience does that. The more the better.


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