Former Prosecutor Wins Big

The Township of Warren was ordered to pay $1.26 million to a former prosecutor in Morris County (in addition to another $1.38 million that it had already paid). The prosecutor was fired after making some pretty serious accusations against a Morris County. Namely, the prosecutor accused the judge of being drunk during trials.

Well, it turns out that the judge was drunk during trials…and under the influence of pain medication. It also turns out that the reason the prosecutor was fired was in retaliation for her blowing the whistle on the judge.

However, aside from losing her job, things turned out pretty well for the prosecutor: she won $2.68 million from the Township of Warren; settled out of court with her former law firm for their alleged role in the matter; and the inebriated judge has been permanently banned from holding judicial office.

This former prosecutor seems to be honest and courageous. Maybe she can be persuaded to run for Congress, and shake things up a little there too.