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440K lawyer’s fee awarded against 2nd wife for fraud & “scorched earth campaign” in suit over 330K estate: #NJ

Court Upholds $3M Age-Bias Award To Fired Passaic County, #NJ Prosecutor’s Investigators:

Father’s prison term when baby was 6 mos. till age 6 not reason to cut off parental rights, says #NJ Supreme Court:

#NJ Civil Rights Act doesn’t let private party sue another private party for civil rights offense. But can sue govt.

2 girls, 12, face first-degree murder-attempt case; police say they hoped to please horror character:

Google alleged to retaliate against massage therapist who claimed unwanted advances by company engineer. #NJ

Sussex County, #NJ jury awards $19.3 M to motorcyclist for spinal injuries. Was hit by a pickup truck:

Another day at the office: Finger-pointing and yelling at deposition does not amount to assault, appeals court says.

Science Nonprofit Organization Sues USDA Seeking Salmonella Ban. It’s a travesty that a lawsuit was even necessary .

Med Mal award to addict who swallowed pain patch reversed. Issue was whether Dr. should have known she’d do it. #NJ