Toxic Chemical Exposure Lawsuits

toxic chemical exposure

Toxic chemical exposure is different than other types of accidents. Normally, you wouldn’t file a lawsuit until the injuries you suffered are apparent. However, after a toxic chemical exposure, the injuries may not appear for many years. In the meantime, you may need constant medical monitoring.

Toxic Chemical Exposure Compensation-Even If You Aren’t Sick Yet

toxic chemical exposure

Of course, all this can lead to stress and anxiety. You never know when symptoms might appear. It may take years. Much depends on the exact chemical you were exposed to. And also the amount.

Therefore, in a toxic chemical exposure case, a lawsuit may be filed before any symptoms appear.

For example, many first responders who worked at a train derailment in Paulsboro sued several railroads. A train carried toxic chemicals. The chemicals escaped into the air. Specifically, 23,000 gallons of cancer-causing vinyl chloride escaped. The chemical may hurt the liver too. It can also cause nerve, skin, bone, hand and behavior problems.

The victims claim that the railroads are responsible.  The companies ran freight trains carrying toxic substances.  Yet they used a bridge built in 1873. The victims claim that the bridge has a long history of problems.

The victims request both medical monitoring and monetary compensation. They claim that they have a high likelihood of suffering health problems during their lifetimes.

The railroads already faced lawsuits from thousands of area residents.

If you’ve suffered toxic chemical exposure

Call a lawyer immediately. There are deadlines to sue. If you miss a legal deadline, you can’t ever receive compensation.

An attorney will evaluate your case. He will advise you of your rights. If you have a case, he can sue in court for you. Other times, a settlement can be reached out of court.

Update: As I write this update, several years have passed since the train accident. Some victims have filed lawsuits. It appears from press reports that other victims settled out of court.


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